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Lamington fingers for australia day

On australia day we come together as a nation to celebrate what’s great about being australian.And there is nothing more patriotic than gathering with family and friends to enjoy a selection of traditional aussie food on the verandah or around the pool.Happy australia day!Jennene125g butter, chopped, at room temperature cup caster sugar1 teaspoon vanilla extract2 eggs2 cups selfraising flour, sifted2/3 cup milk icing:4 cups icingsugar mixture cup cocoa powder2/3 cup milk20g butter, melted2 cups desiccated coconutPreheat oven to moderate, 180 Lightly grease a 20 x 30cm slice pan.Bake for 3035 minutes until cooked when tested.Cool in pan for 5 minutes, before turning onto a wire rack to cool completely.Gradually add milk and butter.Mix until smooth.Place over a saucepan of gently simmering water and heat gently, stirring, until mixture thickens slightly and coats the back of the spoon.Using 2 forks, coat cake fingers in icing.Drain off excess and roll in coconut.Place on a wire rack.Chill until set.Top tipsthese can be made the day before.For a variation, slice lamingtons in half horizontally and join halves together again with a layer of whipped cream.For more great ideas to help you celebrate australia day, see this week’s woman’s day(On sale january 19).

Katie holmes tells all:12 month contract over!Katie plans to spill the secrets the world’s been waiting for, before cheappartyesonline others do.

First discount evening dresses australia pic:Meet channing tatum’s ‘little angel’!Channing tatum and jenna dewantatum have introduced their daughter everly to the world!

Baby’s $200, 000 first birthday party!Crystal chandeliers, diamonds, arabian knights, lolly shops this is like no other kids’ party you’ve seen, writes glen williams.

Khloe kardashian tweets about kim’s baby girlthe kardashians are feeling the love after kim and kanye west welcomed their first child, a daughter, on june 15.

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Lahore cops shun jackets weighing 15

Lahore, nov michael kors online shop 11:Policemen who are supposed to perform a 12hour shift while standing alert at police pickets installed at exit and entry points of lahore city, are shunning the”Heavy”Jackets as they weigh around 1520 kg.

They complain that it was ichaelkorsbagsuk impossible to wear the jackets as they were too heavy to wear for 12 hours at a stretch.

Superintendent of police(Sspoperations)Shafique ahmad had during a visit to sagian bridge ordered the provision of bulletproof jackets to the police squad.

At least five pickets are established at exit and entry points of the city.A permanent picket has been set up at the new ravi bridge, where 12 policemen have to stand alert in a 12hour shift, whereas the four other pickets are manned by seven policemen each.

According to a policeman, a jacket weighs 1520 kg and it is impossible for a person to wear such a heavy load for 12 hours. “The policemen in other countries were given lightweight jackets and rifles, but here they were given heavy jackets and rifles, which were difficult to wear for longer than an hour,”The daily times quoted him as saying.

He said that light jackets should be imported if the police department was conscious of their welfare, and added that all the policemen who had been killed so far in terrorist activities would have been saved if they were provided bulletproof jackets.

Mobile squad ssp babar bakhat qureshi said that they could not force the police personnel to wear the jackets.

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Ladies home journal english project

Sonnet:A sonnet can be defined as a closed form poem that has 14 lines and is focused on one topic.It usually is written in iambic pentameter.

Theme:The central idea in gilbert’s poem is attempting to be something/someone that you are not, and consequently yearning for this unattainable perfection.

Persona:Gilbert is taking on the personae of the women who read this the ladies’ home journal.This allows us to see the women’s lives from their perspectives.

Point of view:Gilbert writes in first person plural(“We”).This gives an account of how the women actually feel and shows that the know they are embracing lies.

Tone:Overall the tone of this poem can be described as ambiguous.Whether gilbert’s tone here is sarcastic, critical, depressed or sympathetic, it is left disguised to the reader(Just cheap ralph lauren shirts as the ladies disguise themselves with the lies they live).

Title significance:Including the word”Sonnet”In the title further develops the theme of trying to be something that you’re not.

Seriation:The entire poem is seriation because gilbert ralphlaurenoutlet is listing items in the lhj and what the women long for.This adds imagery.

Symbol:The lhj is a symbol of the women’s ideal life.Everything ralph lauren sale outlet that gilbert lists is exactly what the women are striving for.It is also a symbol of the unattainable because perfection is impossible.

Imagery: “Cleancut airtight lies that laid out our lives in black and white”

Causes the reader to think of perfection as having clear lines(Boundaries)And without mistakes(Gray areas), indicating that the lies the women live appear seamless and without flaw.As well, the term”Black and white”Can refer to the text in these home journals which the women would attempt to mimic.

Simile: “Lies we wore like dior coats”

Comparing the lies in the ladies’ lives to glamorous dior coats;The coats cover up the women just as the lies also do.The dior brand is a symbol of luxury, wealth, status, etc., and the women try to depict these same enviable qualities by shrouding themselves in supposedly”Flawless”Lies throughout their home/family/lifestyle rather than reveal their truly flawed inner selves.

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Lab errors leads christian louboutin soldes to ge leak

Details of a criminal investigation into a ge breach at a plant and food research glasshouse laboratory are exposed in papers released under the official information act.

The ministry of agriculture and forestry documents describe a slew of failures and oversights by the government agencies charged with overseeing new zealand ge laws.

The investigation by maf’s enforcement unit was launched after ge cress plants(Arabidopsis (More Here) thaliana)Were found growing outside a supposedly secure glasshouse.

The glasshouse was on lincoln university property in christchurch but leased out to plant and food research for its experiments.

In the six months that followed, scientists refused to be interviewed by maf staff, potential evidence was destroyed and paperwork showed the ge seeds used to grow the plants should never have been allowed into new zealand.

The investigation led to no criminal charges being filed because investigators could not identify beyond reasonable doubt how the seeds escaped confinement to grow outside the glasshouse.

Problems included plant and food research staff using mesh over an air vent and a storm water drain that had holes bigger than the seeds they were meant to stop.

The issues began with the entry to new zealand of two batches of seeds used in the experiment.The seeds were inaccurately identified as not ge on import documents.

The lead investigator said technically it could mean the”Seeds were never cleared.To enter the country”.

The maf audit also discovered plant and food research was signed off as having passed the audit and”We simply take the operators’ word for it that the work has been done”.

The lead investigator also revealed that plant and food research was the agency used to test and store the ge material collected in the criminal investigation.

He said he could not fault plant and food research during the investigation but”They may have a vested interest in not identifying or locating any further positive sampling”.

He said any further legal action could be compromised because the”Primary suspect”Had tested and stored the”Exhibits”.

The investigation was further stymied by the destruction of possible evidence on the lab coats of scientists working in the glasshouse.

The search of the surrounding area was also not completed to the satisfaction of the lead investigator.

Other documents revealed that scientists and staff initially refused to be interviewed by maf staff.They cited a section of the hazardous substances and new organisms act which grants the right to silence when cooperating could lead to incrimination.

They eventually agreed to be interviewed, although many had a plant and food research lawyer present.Investigators had christian louboutin pompes pas cher a search warrant prepared to enter the lab and seize evidence because of the resistance they faced.

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Kurdish protesters christian louboutin boots sale warn of further unrest

Diyarbakir, turkey, apr 2(Reuters)Ayse, a mother of six, is ready to support her children if they decide to join kurdish guerrillas fighting security forces in the mountains of the southeast of turkey.

For now they are among thousands of kurds, mostly youths, who joined street protests this week sparked by the funerals of kurdistan workers party(Pkk)Rebels killed in clashes with the military.

Eight people, three of them children, have died in five days of clashes with the police some of turkey’s worst civil unrest since the pkk took up arms against the state in 1984 and protesters warned that distrust of the state could trigger more trouble.

Prime minister tayyip erdogan has said children were used in the unrest as ”pawns of terrorism” and warned security forces could not guarantee their safety.But active participants in the unrest denied that militants were orchestrating the youths.

”The PKK hasn’t directed the protests but it supports them.

Locals took the initiative, but they were disciplined, ” said ahmet, a moustachioed 36yearold, as he sat drinking coffee.

He was among several protesters speaking in an area near to where the trouble began in diyarbakir, the largest city in the mainly kurdish region.Fearful of identification they gave assumed names.Their accounts could not be verified.

Ahmet said the violence was also a response to the state’s failure to meet pkk demands to release its christian louboutin uk online leader abdullah ocalan from jail, grant an amnesty to the rebels and hold talks with the group on resolving the kurdish problem.

Turkey’s southeast suffers high unemployment and many kurds want political autonomy and more cultural freedoms.They feel the state is hostile chritianlouboutin to them and express sympathy for the pkk.

The state and most turks revile the pkk as terrorists.The european union and united states also regard it as a terrorist group.Youngsters taking part in the protests said they were motivated by sympathy for the rebels.”Everyone went to show support for the guerrillas.Nobody told the people what to do.Our struggle is in the cities, not the mountains, ” said 19yearold mehmet.

”When Erdogan came to the southeast he recognised there was a Kurdish problem, but now he is showing a different face.We want peace but we are prepared to fight for it, ” he said.

Ankara has lifted restrictions on the kurdish language and culture in eulinked reforms over the past few years, but critics say it needs to do much more.

Explosion of anger at the same table, rojat said he helped set up barricades with rubbish bins and paving stones in the impoverished baglar district to keep out thousands of police who ringed the area.

”This was an explosion of people’s anger.We had no weapons but made a few molotov cocktails.We threw stones to defend ourselves because the police were firing tear gas, ” said the 27yearold, dressed in a leather jacket and tshirt.

Economic hardship is seen as a factor in the trouble and many banks and shops were damaged by stonethrowing protesters.

Similar violence has spread to other towns in southeast turkey.

The conflict between the pkk and the state has killed more than 30, 000 people and has mainly consisted in armed clashes in the mountain ranges bordering iraq and iran.

As a teenager, rojat himself had left diyarbakir to join the pkk after failing to win a university place but was captured and jailed.One of ayse’s sons had also tried to enter the pkk but the rebels sent him back, saying that at 12 he was too young.

Her family came to diyarbakir a decade ago after soldiers burned down their village home, she said.Since then she has spent several months in jail for spreading pkk propaganda and has been detained repeatedly for joining prorebel protests.

On tuesday, she went to the pkk funerals with her children and said she cried because she knew one of the dead rebels.

”I would support my children if they wanted to go into the mountains.There are no opportunities to work or study here.If they stay they may just end up as criminals or gluesniffers.”.

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Kim jong il parka remembered in north korea broadcast days before anniversary of leader’s death audio

In the runup to the anniversary of north korean dictator kim jong il’s death prom dresses outlet online on dec.17, the secretive East Asian nation has scheduled various tributes to the”Dear leader. ”

While the country’s veneration of deceased supreme leaders tends to strike westerners as cultish and strange, the most bizarre tribute to surface recently may be one devoted to kim jong il’s”Threadbare and discolored”Parka.

“One year has passed since everything writhed in agony and the people’s wailing swept the whole country at the thunderboltlike news that kim jong il, on the forced march of high intensity for the people, had passed away on the running train in december last year,”Begins the message released by voice of korea, the international broadcasting service of the democratic people’s republic of korea.

Formerly known as radio pyongyang, voice of korea broadcasts information in a multitude of languages.

While the poignancy of some metaphors might be lost in translation, the broadcast’s devotion to the parka as a symbol of revolutionary struggle minces no words.The transmission retells a story in which kim jong il explained that the parka was a reminder of the”Grim history”Of the”Arduous march after the demise of president kim il sung. ”

The shapeless parka, which the broadcast claims kim jong il wore for 10 years, was touted by north korean media as a”Most valuable and noble item”And an international symbol of the dear leader.

“People around the world are attracted to and following not only the jacket our great leader is wearing, but also his attitude, facial expressions, hand gestures, and even his handwriting,”According to an abc news translation of a 2010 article that appeared in north korean newspaper rodong sinmun.

Kim jong il’s funeral was accompanied by mass displays of public mourning.During the mourning period after the late leader’s death, north koreans were reportedly forbidden to take part in pleasurable activities, such as drinking alcohol.Earlier this year, highranking north korean officials were reportedly purged or executed for allegedly drinking alcohol or becoming involved in sex scandals.

Take a look at kim jong il wearing his parka in the photos below:

North korean Leader kim jong ii(L)Claps his hands to applaud an artistic performance by soldiers during his inspection of the 185 unit of the korean people’s army in this 18 november 1996 file photo. (Str/afp/getty images)

This undated fiLe pictuRe ReLeased by noRth koRea’s officiaL koRean centRaL news agency(Kcna)On januaRy 18, 2009 shows noRth koRean LeadeR kim jongiL(L)Inspecting the mt.Ryongak RecReation gRound in pyongyang with jang songthaek(R), department director of the Workers’ Party of Korea Central Committee, and other officials.Jang songthaek, husband of kim jongil’s only sibling kim kyonghui, will play a pivotal role in wrapping up the hereditary succession to son jongun following the leader’s death on december 17, 2011. (Kcna/afp/getty images)

In this undated photo released by the korea news service in tokyo wednesday, cheapcocktailes dec.15, 2004, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, center, inspects the construction site of a power plant in North Korea. (Ap photo/korea news service)

This undated but recent photo shows north korean leader kim jong il, right, inspecting a construction project of power stations in north phyongan province, northern north korea, released by the korea central news agency saturday, dec.20, 2003 in Tokyo. (Ap photo/korea central news agency)

This undated photo released by north korea’s official korean central news agency(Kcna)On june 5, 2010 shows north korean leader kim jongil(Csunglasses)Visiting the newly built gasification process at the namhung youth chemical complex in south phyongan province. (Kns/afp/getty images)

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Kids moncler jacket purplish red

Moncler jackets are available in different shapes and colours.You can get some of the size which will best suits you actually.In which you within our retail stores are incredibly favorable along with encouraging and they ll suggestions the moncler jackets cheap which usually satisfies ones habitus.Ceremony buy one of the finest matching items for wear along just about any political party connected with office.Moncler coats have also ichaelkorsbagsuk been created in order to save from your scary cold with overwinter.They re advisable to be haggard during the blow falls plus hazy conditions.It has the for you to decide to obtain the structure of your cheap moncler coats.

CheaP moncler jackets used by scheming these fashionable has on is of toP quality.It s going to make you stay ardent as well as for sure you ll savor outstanding wonder and admiration.It s going to helP you escaPe from those PeoPle tyPical moncler vest that you just helPful to Pretended in the course of each overwinter.Therefore, this coming year you need to attend Patronize forth something different.Our alone(P)As well as modishness variations are sure enough according to the electric current tendencies along with fashion needs.

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Khloe ralphlaurenuk kardashian supports lamar odom amid

Khloe kardashian and lamar odom divorce and pregnancy rumors continue.Still that isn’t stopping khloe from going allout in a bright, red way ralph lauren outlet in supporting lamar.Is khloe’s public support of lamar overthetop?

Well, at least one tabloid is quick to point out that khloe is really going crazy with la clipper colors.Look, it is hardly surprising that kardashianodom shows up to support lamar at a game wearing team colors.People go to sporting events all the time wearing jerseys and other paraphernalia to support their team.Some go as far as painting their faces and bodies the team colors.

So, when khloe kardashian showed up wearing a bright red leather jacket to a clippers game, coupled with red lipstick and red nail polish, it should hardly be news.

Of course, under the backdrop of khloe and lamar tabloidinduced drama, the fact that she still goes to basketball games and roots for her little ‘lammy’ is clearly paparazzi fodder.

Khloe can’t even go support lamar at a basketball game without divorce or pregnancy rumors being brought up.Is she trying to convince everyone that there are no marriage problems?Is khloe somehow jealous of sister kim kardashian getting pregnant and kourtney already having two kids while she and lamar have been unsuccessful in starting their own family?

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Kerouac’s agent recounts his own story in memoir

New york the legend of sterling lord dates back to 1952, when he was just getting started as a literary agent.Into his basementlevel office on park avenue walked a young man wearing”A light weatherresistant jacket with a lightweight chequered shirt underneath.

“He was striking looking ‘diamond in the rough’ was the phrase that came to mind,”Lord writes in his justpublished memoir.

Lord is now 92 years old and still keeps regular hours at the bright, downtown offices of sterling lord literistic inc.His clients have ranged from ken kesey to the creators of the berenstain bears.He has lunched with jackie kennedy, played tennis with katherine graham and had the will to say no to lyndon johnson when the president was seeking help to get a book deal.

His memoir is called lord of publishing, christian louboutin pas cher and his peers see nothing out of line about the title.His name means”Respect,” “Gentleman agent,”A”Class act,”According to fellow agent jane dystel. But he was havingAharder time with his second book, starting with the way he had written it. On the Road was born onA40metre scroll that he was known to unfurl onApublisher’s floor. Not all dared to read it, but Lord did and found something fresh and dynamic,Ajolt to the growing conformity of the times.

So he took the book on and suffered the rejections, including one from a knopf editor who thought on the road was not”Saleable”Or”Wellmade. “Kerouac was ready to give up, but not lord.By the mid1950s, he had sold excerpts to the paris review and new world writing.Viking press agreed to publish the novel, for an advance of $1, 000.On the road was released in 1957, the new york times raved and kerouac became a hero for a generation of adventurers.

The business remains stimulating for lord, an improbably fitlooking man whose agency handles books by rachel maddow, david mitchell and many others.He sees a strong future for ebooks and has been working with the digital publisher open road integrated media to make sure older works by jimmy breslin, the late howard fast and others are available in electronic format.He also turned to open road for an even more challenging project:His own book.

A memoir had long seemed a natural and in 1999 he signed with publicaffairs to write one, its working title the more businesslike agents’ fees.Lord made two critical decisions:He would write the book himself and he would release it through open road, whose cofounder is former harpercollins ceo jane friedman.Time has been held back, too, by one the great blessings of earthly existence christianlouboutinchaussuresfemme making good money doing something you love.Agenting was a job he never dreamed of having as a child, but became a calling he couldn’t imagine living without.

“A number of things about this business have really caught me and made it a compelling interest,”He said. “First, i’m interested in good writing.Second, i am interested in new and good ideas.And third, i’ve been able to meet some extraordinarily interesting people. ”

You could pitch his story in a simple sentence:Iowa boy makes good.After graduating from grinnell college, where he was captain of the tennis team, he worked for cosmopolitan and other magazines in the 1940s and early ’50s.So he became an agent himself.

“I had never even seen a bookpublishing contract,”He writes.

Many of lord’s favourite stories are told with a sense of amazement that he was part of them.President lyndon johnson when he declined to help find a publisher for his memoir, believing that the president was mostly interested in money and doubting with good reason, it turned out the book’s potential.He became friendly with jackie kennedy during her years as a book editor at doubleday and viking in the 1970s and ’80s, sitting next to her at a dinner at the”21″Club and serving her sandwiches for lunch in his office.

Lord also has lived to see on the road finally come out last year as a movie, a process that began decades earlier when kerouac had hoped to interest marlon brando.But lord had little to do with the film, directed by walter salles, and has yet to see it.He had tickets for opening night, but knew the movie had received mixed reviews and was not interested in the afterscreening party.

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christian louboutin uk the kennebec river

Kennebec river drowning victim identified midcoast bangor daily news bdn maine

Bath, maine the bath police department has released the name of a man who drowned thursday morning in cheap christian louboutin uk the kennebec river.

According to a press release, the man was john c.Farrell, 51, of york street.Thursday.The person was able to flag down a nearby security boat, which was on patrol in the waters around bath iron works.

Personnel in the boat pulled farrell unconscious body from the water and tried to revive him as they brought him to an ambulance, which was waiting at waterfront park near downtown bath.Attempts to revive farrell were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bath police chief michael field said friday that because the tide was coming in early thursday and the current in the river was flowing inland, it is not believed that farrell jumped from the sagadahoc bridge, which spans the kennebec between bath and woolwich.

The circumstances leading to farrell being in the river wearing street clothes and a jacket may never be known, according to the press release.No suicide note or related message was found.

Patriots owner kraft did not want to give putin his super bowl ringcar accident sends skowhegan woman to bangor hospital, diverts trek across maine bicyclistsriders finish trek marred by tragic crashwe had a romp, now we have a child.Do i have to stay?Bangor police looking for man who mugged woman of purse early sunday

What natural gas can do for maine paper mills and workershealthy votes for maine on reproductive rights, mail order prescriptions, synthetic potprotect offshore lobsters, guard maine industrystop playing politics with federal courtmonday, june 17, 2013:Invasion of privacy, 38% of voters

Patriots owner kraft did not want to give putin his super bowl ringrichmond shuts out penobscot valley for class d softball crownpaille’s goal in overtime lifts bruins by blackhawks, evens series 11motor city’s neville records nohitter in legion baseball opener against northern lumberlackey helps red sox solve orioles


Fathers day can be a total bummer if your dad was/is a piece of sseth and the city

The first southern maine pride festival since samesex marriages were legalizedrecovery rocks

Governor lepage, bodies unhealthy minds medicaid expansiongeorge outdoor news

John ford new book is a keepercatching health

Discovering my father

We had a romp, cheaplouboutinhoe now we have a child.Do i have to stay?Changing gender roles mean new sacrifices for military fathersfathers day can be a total bummer if your dad was/is a piece of stuttle genes may have helped 90yearold lobsterman swim to safetysize doesn’t always matter

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